Abby’s Friday morning

It’s a lovely warm, sunny morning & Abby has found a new spot to soak up the sun. These photos were taken about 9am & it was already getting a little too warm & Ab was about to make a move further into the undergrowth. I rushed about this morning getting all the laundry done because the prediction is for nearly 50mm of rain over the weekend. Practically the whole month’s average rainfall in a couple of days. It sounds extreme but we’ve had some very heavy falls lately with low pressure systems combining with tropical rain systems from the north so it will probably happen. It’s so wonderful to think our dams are nearly 50% full after so many years of drought. The garden is green & lovely, all the geraniums & lavender I planted in the autumn are looking beautiful, the hebe & daisies are blooming & my water tanks are full. Bring on the rain!

On more bookish matters, I’ve almost finished reading William by E H Young. I picked this up from the tbr shelves after reading Harriet Devine’s enthusiastic review last week. I also have a toppling pile of library books to share over the weekend. And the new Persephones have arrived, including the first Persephone Diary which is too beautiful to use & will therefore sit with my Persephones as part of the collection.

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