No sight so sad…

…as a starving cat. This is Abby looking truly pathetic as she tries to shame me into feeding her instead of posting about The Inimitable Jeeves, which was my plan for the next little while. She doesn’t look as though she’s on her last legs, which isn’t surprising as she ate breakfast not all that long ago. I was taking a photo of the cover of Jeeves to illustrate my review when Abby decided she was being neglected. I’m a soft touch though, so we’re both going to have an early lunch & I’ll be back to post about my first encounter with Jeeves, Bertie Wooster & Aunt Agatha later.

2 thoughts on “No sight so sad…

  1. I don't know Lyn. Look at her eyes. She's looking a little faint there. Boy, do cats know how to manipulate their owners. I know their tactics well! I've only ever read one Jeeves and Wooster short story, but I must pick up a novel sometime–I think I would like Wodehouse!


  2. She's feeling much better now Dani. She's asleep on the couch after having a little something to keep starvation at bay. It's more the pathetic miaowing that drives me mad rather than the injured looks.


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