Abby’s Sunday morning

Abby has spent another Sunday morning in her favourite spot, engaged in her favourite activity – sleeping on the couch. It’s a sunny morning but the wind is bitterly cold & rain is predicted for this afternoon. We’re both enjoying Melbourne’s first proper winter for some years. Chilly mornings, even a few frosty mornings; sunny, cold days & rain at decent intervals. My water tanks are full & the garden is looking lovely. The spring bulbs are pushing through & the Earlicheer daffs are blooming already. The single camellias are over for another year but the pretty pink one above still has lots of buds. I planted a couple of daphne, one pink & one white, & they both have buds & the geraniums are unstoppable. While Abby slept, I made some lentil & veggie soup which smells delicious. Enough for lunch & plenty for the freezer. I love this time of year. After lunch I’ll settle in for an afternoon’s reading & Abby will move from the couch to my lap & settle in for another snooze. I hope you’re enjoying your Sunday, whatever you’re doing.

6 thoughts on “Abby’s Sunday morning

  1. Thanks for the link David. I'm just glad Abby too old to think of climbing ladders, I'd be a nervous wreck! I do hope you enjoy Scotland St when you get to it. Yes, Abby slept almost all day yesterday, either on her couch or my lap. It rained all afternoon so I was under no obligation to do anything strenuous like weeding the garden. Keep thinking cool thoughts Sherry & autumn will soon be with you.


  2. Button was in just that position yesterday when she decided the summer weather was too inclement for her to venture outdoors! I love it when they sleep like that….


  3. Sian, it's nearly a week later & Abby is in the same position! She has moved in between, mainly for eating, checking out her territory & moving between favourite sleeping positions (my lap, my bed or her couch). Still, she spends an awful lot of time there in the winter.


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