Midwinter morning

It was a beautiful morning so I went for a tour of the garden, camera in hand, before I started on tedious things like housework. We’ve had some good rain this last week, another 5mm last night, so the garden was looking beautifully diamond-sprinkled this morning. My lovely pink striped camellia is just coming into flower. The rain had spoiled all but this one flower but there are plenty more buds about to bloom.

As their name suggests, creamy Earlicheer daffodils are the first to bloom in late winter & mine are already growing well & have lots of buds beginning to form.

I love magpies. The sound of their very distinctive liquid warbling is one of my favourite sounds. There were four maggies in the big tree in my garden this morning. The tree has dropped almost all its leaves now & I was able to get a good shot of two birds near the very top. I love the zoom on my new camera. This tree is taller than my house but I’m pleased with the clarity of the photo. Doesn’t the sky look glorious?

What was Abby doing while all this nature watching & arty photography was going on, you may ask? She was fast asleep of course.

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