Indian summer of Abby

We’re in the middle of an Indian summer here in Melbourne at the moment. The last few days have been warm, sunny, mid-20s temperatures, just gorgeous autumn weather. The summer heat has gone out of the sun & the mornings & evenings are crisp & cool. One of my favourite times of year. Abby loves it too. Yesterday morning I found her rolling in the dirt in the front garden, rubbing her head against the trunk & roots of the tree. The warm weather is set to continue for the next week. The warmth will give my new plants a good start & then the garden will be ready for some rain.

5 thoughts on “Indian summer of Abby

  1. I love looking at Abby! 🙂
    Your Autumn days sound similar to the South African ones I experienced recently, although they were interspersed with refreshing bursts of rain. Sadly, I am told that it has turned chilly now but I marvel at how many beautiful, colourful plants survive well into the Winter. My Mom and I purchased some lovely daffodils, tulips and hyacinths – in Autumn! – and I came back to them in the British Spring 🙂


  2. Charming little Abby just looks like the sister of my beloved furry house-companion called Julie, – same yellow eyes, same tabby fur, same feelgood-play in the autum sun! Now, as the days become more windy, rainy and cold here in Germany, she will look for the most comfortabel sleeping places around the tiled stove…


  3. Abby loved the garden but only when I was out there with her. She was a grand old lady of 16 when she died last year. I hope Julie enjoys what warmth is left before winter.


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