Abby’s Easter Sunday morning

Happy Easter to everyone who visits here from Abby & me. It’s a beautiful autumn morning here in Melbourne. We turned the clocks back last night so, for me, autumn has well & truly started & winter is not far away. Bliss! I realise I can only say that winter is bliss because I live in such a temperate climate. My friends in the US & UK have spent the last three months longing for spring after the truly difficult conditions they’ve been coping with.

I’ve spent the morning making Moroccan lamb soup (still bubbling away & smelling lovely) & attacking the spider plants in the garden. I’m not a very good or useful gardener but I do have spurts of enthusiasm at the beginning of autumn & spring. So, I’ve been uprooting spider plants. I know I haven’t really uprooted them because they always come back. But, I’ve filled my green bin with those horrible little tubers & cleared a good sized section of the front garden – more geraniums? maybe some lavender as well – and I feel very satisfied. Abby supervised my work as always & as you can see, she’s looking particularly serene on this glorious Easter morning. You can see her new purple collar in the second photo but, unfortunately, the sparkly circle is hidden by her registration tag.

4 thoughts on “Abby’s Easter Sunday morning

  1. Happy Easter to you too. I don't suppose there is much left of Easter Sunday itself where you are? Time differences can be confusing. My feedreader has very confusingly started suggesting the time of your blog posts is “in the future”.


  2. Hello Lyn, I've just seen that you have a link to my blog, for which many thanks. Also, that your blog is actually named after the quote which I mis-remembered in one of my posts! I must apologise to a sister reader for the embarrassing slip!
    I look forward to visiting again (and I love the purple collar).


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