Abby’s Sunday morning

There’s been a real hint of autumn in the air over the last few days & Abby & I are very pleased about that. Autumn is my favourite time of year – probably because I’m so relieved summer is over for another year, but I just have so much more energy in autumn. I start making plans for the garden, start thinking about all the baking I’ll do in the cooler months ahead & look forward to winter Sunday afternoons of reading. Abby has already started getting into her autumn/winter routine. Instead of sleeping in the garden or under the tree in the front garden after her morning patrol, she prefers to settle down inside when the weather cools down. That’s my old dressing gown she’s snuggling into. She decided it was time I bought a new one not long after she came to live with me by snuggling down into it one day when I’d left it thrown over the couch. She looked so comfortable that I just left her to it & bought a new one for myself.

2 thoughts on “Abby’s Sunday morning

  1. Aw… that was really nice of you… to give her your gown 🙂 She looks as graceful as ever.

    It feels a little strange to read about you preparing for Autumn when we're longing for Spring. Mind you, I shall be travelling to South Africa in a few weeks so will be in Autumn too… for a little while… such seasonal shifts 🙂


  2. I'm not sure how much choice I had in the matter of the gown! Still, she obviously does well on a life of luxury. A neighbour walking her dog stopped to admire Abby when we were watering the garden the other night. When I told her Abby was 15 she was amazed at how good she looked. Enjoy autumn in Sth Africa, I'll definitely be enjoying it here in Melbourne.


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