Introducing Abby

Abby used to live with my father, but, after he died just over 4 years ago, she came to live with me. She has me pretty well-trained now. Food, a lap for sleeping on, lots of attention & doors opened when required – I’m able to handle all these demands now without fuss. Abby’s in favour of my reading habits, mainly because it means I sit still for long periods so she can sleep in peace. Neither of us enjoys summer, especially not the very hot summer we had in Victoria last year, so we’re both hoping for mild days to come & autumn to arrive as early as possible. Abby keeps me company & also endlessly amused. So, here she is asleep in one of her favourite parts of the garden & looking more alert. There will be more photos to come of Abby in her many moods.

6 thoughts on “Introducing Abby

  1. Abby is a sweetie! I wish I could send you some of our arctic weather. Waiting for the bus today it was something like -20 degrees with the wind. Apparently we're getting the cold weather from Greenland and Iceland (and I bet it's lovely there!!).


  2. Thank you everyone. Abby accepts all praise as no more than her due but I have to agree, she is a sweetie & adorable & very intelligent. After all, she has me running around after her, doesn't she?


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